Tokenomics is a low-code DeFi platform that provides an ecosystem of different protocols and features powered by AI, which aims at the 2 ultimate goals:

  • Improving the management & investing strategy: with 3 low-code DeFi features of Alert Hub, Combinator & Auto Trader;

  • Optimize asset flow: with the 2 protocols Liquid Staking & Money Market.

OCH is the utility token of the Orchai low-code DeFi platform that is based on Oraichain’s CW20 standard.

OCH Listing

  • Price: $0.4 / OCH.

  • Exchanges: Oraidex & Uniswap.

  • Date: 2PM UTC, February 22, 2024.

OCH Utilities

Orchai token is used with 4 main objectives:

1️⃣ Co-Harvest: Taking after OraiDEX model, Co-Harvest is an innovative auction mechanism that allows participants to bid with OCH tokens for discounted stablecoins.

2️⃣ Reward: Token holders can earn rewards from using our products & services. xOCH is the reward token of Orchai: 1 xOCH = 1 OCH, and can be converted at a 1:1 ratio.

3️⃣ Payment: OCH can be used to pay fees for using products and services of Orchai (including 2 protocols and 3 low-code DeFi features).

4️⃣ DAO Governance: Orchai's operations will be decided by voting by OCH holders, and governance members will share in the profits from our features and protocols.

OCH Allocation

Total Supply is capped at 20,000,000 OCH tokens with an initial market cap of $200,000.

The distribution of OCH will be in line with a long-term vision and sustainability for Orchai project. The entire Orchai team has discussed carefully to launch this tokenomics with confidence in our future and capabilities. We also care deeply about the community, which everyone knows is the main core for further development. For those reasons, Orchai has decided that OCH will be distributed to 3 components as follows:

  • Ecosystem: 60.0%

  • Development: 35.0%

  • Community Pool: 5.0%.

OCH Circulating Supply

Orchai tokenomics aims at a trusty commitment and sustainability as well as supporting for the long-term vision of Orchai low-code DeFi Platform. The token will be released gradually over time within 5 years, following a vesting period schedule designed to avoid supply shocks and secure the token value.

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