Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has been a rapidly growing sector within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry over the past few years. Up to now, DeFi ecosystem has developed and evolved with diversified service layers including lending and borrowing, trading, and asset management. Therefore, DeFi users usually interact with more and more protocols to obtain their investing goals. According to our survey, people use at least three protocols on average for their DeFi transactions.

However, navigating between protocols poses 2 big problems for users:

  • Time-consuming

  • Overloaded management

Several user-friendly applications have recently emerged to solve these problems. They provide drag-and-drop interfaces, pre-built templates, and other tools that make it easier for users to create custom transactions, cutting down complicated and repetitive steps.

Currently, this new trend however still has some limitations. Firstly, the chains it supports are limited. Secondly, it is easy for users to create many custom transactions, however, it is hard for them to compare and assess which set of transactions will work best for their investing strategy.

Our solution (the low-code DeFi management powered by AI)

Orchai launched the low-code DeFi management to bridge the gap in the market and solve the pain points of DeFi users.

The low-code trend in DeFi refers to the growing trend of using software development platforms that allow users to create applications with drag-and-drop interfaces, pre-built templates, and other tools.

Orchai applies the low-code to DeFi management, allowing DeFi users to devise their own customizable transactions with 2 key features:

  • Cross-chain: The platform provides users with an all-in-one solution for interacting with multiple dapps on different chains, featuring a drag-and-drop UI that makes it easy and intuitive to create customizable transactions.

  • AI application: The AI algorithms are applied to provide users with personalized recommendations for investment strategies and automate specific actions based on market fluctuations or users' profiles on DeFi protocols.

Moreover, Orchai also provides a comprehensive solution for users with protocols that help users optimize asset flow and low-code DeFi management features that help devise the most efficient investing strategy.

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