The vision of Orchai

Orchai aims to become a DeFi Orchestrator powered by AI. That means Orchai will become a DeFi hub platform, providing a set of multiple protocols and features, which assist users not only in optimizing the asset flow but also in improving the management & investing strategy.

Our focus is on developing features for low-code DeFi management that will be seamlessly integrated in the near future, enabling users to optimize their investment strategies with ease and efficiency.

The roadmap of Orchai

Orchai's roadmap consists of three main phases, with the ultimate goal of becoming a DeFi orchestrator powered by AI.

  • Phase 1: The first phase involves the development and launch of Orchai's protocols, Orchai Lending, and Orchai Liquid Staking, which provide users with decentralized lending and staking options while maintaining liquidity.

  • Phase 2: In the second phase of development, Orchai is focusing on creating its main protocol, the DeFi Orchestrator, which leverages AI to provide users with valuable insights and suggestions for managing their DeFi operations. With the DeFi Orchestrator, users will be able to access and manage multiple DeFi protocols from a single interface, streamlining the management process. Orchai plans to initially integrate low-code DeFi management on Oraichain, with plans to expand to other chains in the future.

  • Phase 3: In the third phase of development, Orchai plans to expand its offerings to support DApps on the Cosmos chain as its first target, followed by EVM-based blockchains. This expansion will enable users to leverage a wider range of DeFi protocols and take advantage of additional opportunities in the rapidly growing DeFi space.

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