Orchai Protocol
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The Lend page provides a lending interface to earn a yield on lending USDT. It allows users to deposit and withdraw USDT, and track their current deposit value and current deposit annualized percentage rate (APR), and amount of interest earned.
The Lend page displays the following data:
  • Total Balance:
    • In wallet: Total amount of USDT in the user wallet.
    • In protocol: Total amount of USDT lent by users, including accrued lending interest.
  • Lend APY: The annualized rate of current interest on lending.

Depositing USDT

1. Navigate to the Lend page and click the [Deposit] button.
2. Enter the amount of USDT to deposit and click the [Deposit] button to confirm.

Withdrawing USDT

1. Click the [Withdraw] button.
2. Enter the withdraw amount and click the [Withdraw] button to confirm.