The Borrow Page can be used to borrow tokens from Orchai. The protocol requires users to provide sORAI/scORAI as collateral before making a loan.

Users can still earn sORAI rewards when using sORAI as collateral. To claim collateral sORAI reward, go to My Page

Borrows can be made until the loan's borrowing usage reaches the borrowing limit, calculated based on their prices, and deposit amount. Loans with a borrowing usage higher than the borrowing limit can be liquidated. Thus it is important for borrowers to closely maintain their borrowing usage as changes in collateral prices may occur.

The Borrow page displays:

  • Collateral Value: Total value of all collaterals provided by the user.

  • Borrowed Value: Total value of USDT borrowed by the user.

  • Available Borrow: Total value of USDT that the user can borrow.

  • Borrowing Capacity: Ratio value that signals the user loan position's liquidation riskiness. Calculated by dividing the user's borrowed value by their borrow limit. (Borrow Limit = Borrowed Value + Available Borrow)

  • Borrow APR: Borrow annual percentage rate (APR) on borrows from both Interest APR and Distribution APR. (Borrow APR = Distribution APR - Interest APR)

    • Interest APR: Current APR of borrow interest.

    • Distribution APR: Current APR of ORCHAI distribution to borrowers.

When the Borrow APR is positive, ORCHAI rewards distributed to borrowers are greater than the interest to be paid for the loan

Providing collateral

1. Clicking [Provide] to use sORAI/scORAI as collateral.

2. Enter the amount of sORAI to provide. Click the [Provide] button to confirm.

Borrowing USDT

1. Click [Borrow].

2. Enter the amount of USDT to borrow. Click the [Borrow] button to confirm.

3. Borrow complete

Repaying borrowed USDT

1. Click [Repay].

2. Enter the amount of USDT to repay. Click the [Repay] button to confirm.

Withdrawing sORAI collateral

1. Click [Withdraw].

2. Enter the amount of collateral to withdraw. Click the [Withdraw] button to confirm.

Participate in Liquidation

1. Clicking [Participate in Liquidation] to be a liquidator.

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